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Medigap, Health and Long Term Care Insurance - Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland

I have known Melissa Barnickel for ten years and early on saw the depth of her knowledge on Long Term Care Insurance. This set her apart from others who I met that handled insurance including long term care insurance. When I introduced her to my husband, he was very impressed, particularly important since he was not immediately enthusiastic about this decision. We now know that it was an excellent move for our financial well-being. Our attorney and financial advisor both know her and have the same high regard for Melissa.

Last year when we retired, we had read much about health insurance and supplemental insurance. She spent a great deal of time going through it with both of us, providing all the options for us to make the right decisions. Retiring was wonderful, however, there were so many unanswered questions and financial concerns that arose. She was of great help to us both. I would recommend her to anyone and know others who would do the same.   -  Mr. & Mrs. T. R.

Why should I buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Your medical insurance, including Medicare when eligible, will not pay for help in the home and other venues (assisted living, skilled nursing home..) for an extended period of time.

Why do I need to look at Long Term Care Insurance now?

Starting mid-April, 2013, pricing will be much higher, especially for women.  Roll-out of changes vary by state of residence and insurance company.  Your family health history as well as your health history will be evaluated more thoroughly than it is with current policies.  This change will affect some people who are currently easily insurable. The high cost of care today and tomorrow, increasing longevity, increasing probability of requiring care, and the severe impact on family lifestyle and finances makes long term care a front burner issue. 

Long Term Care Insurance - Baltimore County, Maryland

My wife and I were very impressed with Melissa Barnickel when, in 2010, we decided to survey the long term care market. After asking us several questions, she sent us information to review as well as a number of proposals to consider from companies that she felt were leaders in the industry. One example of a study that she supplied stands out to us—it was the average facility costs to be a resident in the geographic areas that interested us.
The premium quotes for the coverage available, along with applicable discounts when both spouses are insured, combined with the costs of facilities provided a complete picture so that we could intelligently make a decision on our next step---the application for a policy with designated personal preferences. Melissa simplified that process for us as well by answering questions and electronically sending us everything we needed.
Her terrific follow up and patience was exemplary. We have recommended Melissa to friends and family without hesitation. - Mr. & Mrs. B.P.

Long Term Care Insurance - Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland

Melissa Barnickel has been a great help to us.  

A few years ago, we began to contemplate purchasing long term care insurance. An estate attorney and a financial counselor confirmed the idea.  

Though experienced researchers, we found that the long term care insurance field is not easy to navigate. You can't easily learn what you want to know. Competing companies describe their products differently. The terminology proves difficult. Lacking long experience with different plans, it's hard to understand what plans best satisfy which feelings and needs. The attorney and the counselor both understood that for themselves, and both recommended Melissa Barnickel, CPA, CLTC.

When she first visited, Melissa spent an hour or two with us, mostly educating. When she left, we understood things far better. But we now had to make some decisions, and Melissa did nothing to make us feel rushed to do so. In fact, it was months later, and after some hard work for us on Melissa's part, that we finally committed to an insurance program. Largely because of Melissa's efforts, we are confident that our insurance is right for us.  Sooner or later everyone has to call on a professional with expertise, a plumber or electrician, a doctor or lawyer. Melissa provided the insurance expertise we needed and for which we are grateful.  - Dr. and Mrs. F. H

Long Term Care Insurance - Harford County, Maryland

Harford County, Maryland resident discusses why she wanted to get long term care insurance; how she selected her insurance broker, Melissa Barnickel, CPA, CLTC, with Baygroup Insurance and how comfortable she was with her decision to buy a long term care insurance policy after the education she received from Melissa. - Mrs. A. H.

How to File a LTC Insurance Claim

Communication is key to an effective claims process. It begins well before the claim takes place.Make certain that appropriate family members and advisors know that the long term care insurance policy exists. Give them a copy of the policy schedule page or preferably a copy of the entire policy as well as the business card of the agent who sold you the policy or the contact person/benefit department for your employer if a group plan through your employer.

The claims department phone numbers for the major long term care insurance carriers are listed below.

Are you stressed?

We all have so much going on in our lives on an average day – going to work, putting food on the table, taking care of the children, cleaning the house, etc.  What happens when there is a sudden serious illness or life threatening event that happens to a close loved one?  Priorities change immediately. The last thing those who need care may want is to be a burden on family members.   Unfortunately stress is the top challenge caregivers experience.


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