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Important Information to Keep Current on LTC Policy

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As we work with an increasing number of our clients who are using their long-term care insurance policies, we remind you that there are actions that you may need to take to make certain that the policy works effectively for you and your family if you require care:

·         Please make sure a family member or person responsible for your care is aware that you have a Long Term Care Policy. This way, you and your designee will have the information necessary in the event you need to use your policy.

·         If you change your address, please notify the insurance carrier and Baygroup of the change in your address, phone number, and email address.

·         If the third party that you have designated in your policy changes their address, please let the insurance carrier and Baygroup know. This is the backup person to be notified so they can notify you in the event a premium has not been paid so your policy does not unintentionally lapse.