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Baygroup is a broker of individual health insurance policies.  We have access to individual health insurance policies from many different carriers, which means we can shop for a policy that is the best value for you. 

You will want to consider several items before deciding on a health insurance policy, including:

  • Out of pocket costs
  • Doctors that you have access to
  • Prescription coverage
  • Coverage limits
  • Your dependents

After we have an understanding of what you are looking for in an individual health insurance policy, we will shop around for a policy that meets your needs.  We will provide you with quotes from several carriers and help you compare the quotes to decide which value is best for you.

For information about Affordable Care Act.  Policies can be purchased through the health care exchange or directly with a carrier.  As an independent broker, Melissa Barnickel, can educate you and help you with individual health insurance on and off the Maryland Health Exchange.  

If you choose not to have health insurance, there no longer a penalty.

Open Enrollment for off-exchange and on-exchange for 2020 has ended.  If you have lost health insurance recently, you may qualfy for a special enrollment period.  Otherwise, the next open enrollment period will begin from 11/1/20 to 12/15/2020 effective date 1/1/2021 

You can get an estimate for 2020 on the Maryland Health Connection