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Home Health Care

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Home Health Care insurance can provide coverage for you, your spouse and loved ones to receive professional care in the comfort of your own home. 74% of people prefer home care over a facility (assisted living or nursing home).

The component of long term care planning involving home care becomes very important since care typically begins in the home.  Family members can provide some informal caregiving and use home health care aides to help with bathing and dressing.  By having home care in a policy or a separate coverage, family can continue with their lifestyle, working, caring for their immediate family and their passions.

Home Health Care plans can also be an option when you can’t quality for long term care insurance due to your age or declined health.

There may be a shortage of caregivers in the future considering the boomers approaching retirement and turnover rates exceed 70% in the home health care industry.  Having insurance will enable you to be private pay so you can still get quality help in a tight market.

Add Home Care Coverage to other polices

Home care coverage can be included in long term care insurance policies, short term care policies, linked-products (life or annuity with LTC benefits).  There are also home care arrangements (home care service contracts) that can be made in advance to provide needed services.  

Home Care ONLY policies

Home care only policy make payments on an indemnity method (payment based on service received, not the cost nor if the service was paid for by another insurance policy) skilled home care, custodial care and even some benefits prior to needing long term care, such as prescription, annual physical, vision, hearing test and hearing aids.  The payments from this insurance are not impacted if some or all of the cost was paid by another insurance or Medicare.  This plan is very affordable and easy to health qualify.  Plan benefits and pricing vary by insurance company and state of residence. 

Below is an example of one policy offered in Maryland.

There are only three questions that must be answered NO to health qualify.  

  1. Do you live in a nursing home or assisted living or are your receiving home health care services?  
  2. Are you physically unable to perform your activities of daily living?  
  3. Are you replacing existing health insurance with this plan?  

This means that even if you have a diagnosis that may have precluded you from health qualifying for another type of plan, you may be eligible for a home care only plan.. 

Ages 61-85 are eligible to apply for this product.  Policies are guaranteed renewable.

Prescription drug benefits you can be used prior to needing home health care.  Indemnity payment of $10 for generic or $25 for brand name drug.  Policy year maximum of either $300 or $600 based on plan purchased.

Prescription drug indemnity benefit – pays a specified amount for prescriptions purchased because of injury or sickness

  • Even before home care is needed, payments are made by the insurance company to policyholder.

Home health aide to help with your daily activities

  • Enables the insured's family to supervise the care rather than physically performing the caregiving. 
  • They can be loving family members enjoying your company.

After rehabilitation, skilled care services may be needed in the home. 

  • This may enable you to have the resources to have additional home care beyond what Medicare approves to recover more quickly.
  • Policy will pay daily benefit amount even if insurance paid for care.

Pays a fixed amount for an annual physical

  • Benefit that is available even if no HHC is needed.
  • This policy benefit is paid, even if your health insurance or Medicare paid for the physical/wellness exam.

Affordable solution

  • Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Home care service contract - Your choice to use either a home care agency or a friend or neighbor.  White board illustrating how the the plan works.

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No health questions
  • No claim forms
  • No deductible
  • No co-pays
  • No age limits

Options are available for all ages and health provided that you can live on your own for 30 days without assistance, including family members.

Contact Melissa Barnickel to find out what meets your needs!   Your preferences, finances, age and health will determine which options are best for you.

She shops with multiple carriers for you and then explains the differences between them. Baygroup Insurance is a one-stop shop, you don’t need to call multiple agents and then evaluate options on your own.