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You value your association members. The discounted programs and financial vehicles you have made available to them have helped them provide for their families’ health as well as maintain and grow their wealth.  The one area you may not have addressed is helping your members preserve their wealth today and into their retirement years should a long term care event occur.

When families face the need for long term care they will encounter significant financial, physical, and emotional stress.  The high cost of care today, tomorrow’s much higher cost of care and the increasing probability of needing care as we age combine to make long term care planning essential. Helping members plan by educating them regarding the key issues of long term care and providing an affordable, effective solution can be a great value for your members.  Long term care insurance pays benefits for care received at home as well as assisted living and skilled facilities. Long term care insurance helps association members protect their assets, their families, and their future.

We provide member education, mutually developed marketing strategies, and expense sharing as well as a variety of solutions from top carriers.

Some questions you may want to consider:

What is long term care?   What are the costs of care?

How does long term care insurance provide benefits?

What is required for an association group long term care insurance plan?

How many members are needed for an association group long term care program?

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