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We would like to provide you with as many useful resources as possible to expand your education about Long Term Care, Disability, Life, and Health insurance products.

Read articles from the web, case studies, and FAQs about each type of insurance.  For clarification of insurance terms, visit our glossaryContact us for answers to your questions and to gain a deeper understanding of these products.

Begin the conversation with your family about your preferences, evaluate resources available to provide care.  Maryland Task Force on Long Term Care Education and Planning, which Melissa Barnickel was Chair, developed a .  Although this was developed for Maryland, all the information can be used for other locations.    Please contact us for a copy.

We are proud members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and for more information on Long Term Care Insurance, visit their website where you'll find relevant data and information from a third party.

Shoppers Guide for Long-Term Care Insurance

A consumer guide to long-term care insurance and the insurance options to pay for an extended care event.  A detailed glossary is also included.

Consumer Guide to the Maryland Long Term Care Insurance Program

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Partnership Policies

In states where approved, partnership policies provide protection of one dollar of personal assets for every dollar the policy pays out in benefits.  The total assets retained as a result of a partnership-qualified policy are above and beyond all the regular resource allowances under the Medicaid program, including any assets the spouse may be allowed to keep. Purchasing a partnership policy does not guarantee qualification for Medicaid; in order to be eligible for Medicaid, all of the then applicable requirements must be satisfied.  All states have not agreed to reciprocity.  The policy must state that it is partnership-qualified to have this asset protection.  Not all policies sold in MD are partnership-qualified.  A Consumer  Guide to the Maryland Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

Choosing a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Policy

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This is a guide to health insurance for people with Medicare.  It defines what the policy is, what it will cover, your rights to buy a policy and also how to buy it.  As always, Baygroup is a ready resource to educate you.

The standardized plans are the same benefits regardless of insurance company.  Premiums do vary.  

In 2020, Plan F will be discontinued, however those with a Plan F policy will be able to keep their plan.  2018 Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare.

Medicare and You 2018

Consumer Guide to Life Insurance

This guide will provide you with basic life insurance educational information.