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For Advisors

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For Advisors - Long Term Care Insurance for your clients

What is your philosophy regarding long term care? What assumptions do you use regarding the target age for requiring care and inflation?  What multi-generational strategy have you included in your client’s financial plan? 

We can offer individualized solutions depending upon your client’s age, gender, health and financial picture.  In addition to traditional long term care insurance solutions, we may recommend the use of life insurance with a leveraged long term care rider, life with an accelerated death benefit rider, annuities with a leveraged long term care rider, indexed annuities with a long term care rider or, in special situations, a medically underwritten annuity.

We will work with you, first to gain an understanding of your clients’ financial profiles and their specific goals. Then  we will assist you in educating your clients about long term care issues. Finally, we can explain the long term care insurance policy when you present those options that support the financial plan that you have developed for them.   As you work to serve your clients, we can be there as part of your team.

A few key questions that your clients may ask:                              

What is long term care?

How does long term care insurance provide benefits?

When should I buy it?

What role does long term care insurance play in planning for my future?

How will having long term care insurance affect me and my family?