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For Individuals

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Baygroup Insurance offering Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Medicare Supplements

For Individuals

Planning ahead is important.  We are living in an amazing time.  We are living longer lives. Medical science and research is constantly moving ahead. As a result, we are more likely to reach an age where we may develop a chronic long term condition, experience an unexpected event or face the frailty that comes with aging that requires we have some assistance with everyday activities.   The cost of that assistance is high today and will be much higher by the time you are most likely to require care. The reason long term care is such an important issue is that while the probability of requiring care increases as we age, we can control much of the impact on ourselves and our families.  Requiring care over an extended period of years has an emotional, physical and financial consequence for those who depend on you that can be significantly reduced by planning ahead.

Baygroup Insurance can provide you with information, options and a variety of solutions to help you achieve your financial and family goals.  We may recommend a number of options in addition to traditional long term care insurance from life insurance with a leveraged long term care rider or accelerated death benefit rider to a medically underwritten annuity. There are answers for almost everyone regardless of health.

We will work with your financial and legal advisors to help you develop the most effective plan to address your particular needs.   We listen, we educate, we advocate.

A few key questions that you may ask:                                 

What is long term care? 

What are the costs of care of long term care?

How does long term care insurance pay benefits to the insured?

When should I buy it?

How much does long term care insurance cost?

Can I qualify if I have some health issues?