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How will having long term care insurance affect my family?

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Long term care insurance enables your family to supervise your care, rather than provide the care.  Their emotion and physical wellbeing is maintained.  Families do not always live near-by, nor are they necessarily able to dedicate time and money to provide the care.  Long term care insurance provides benefits to modify a home, to enable you to receive care at home if you desire to do so

Long term care insurance provides a stream of income to pay for professionals to help keep you at home, if that is where you prefer to be, or an assisted living or nursing home when needed, without a tax consequence. Without insurance, retirement assets, marketable securities or real estate  may need to be converted to cash resulting in a taxable event and possible loss due to market.  By reallocating resources to pay for care, the retirement income continues to fund your lifestyle and your financial commitments.  It also helps to preserve your financial inheritance to your family to maintain their lifestyle.