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Do You Have a Long Term Care Plan?

Do you have a plan for your long-term care when you become a senior? When the time comes and it finally becomes harder for you to perform daily activities on your own, it is important to know what you want to do. Will you move in with children or other relatives? Hire a caregiver to come to your home? Move to an assisted living facility? Go it alone for as long as possible? Whatever your decision it is important to understand the full physical, financial, and emotional impact on yourself and your loved ones.

Long Term Care Preparedness: Crafting Your Long Term Care Safety Net

Imagine trying to design a home if you didn’t know the local building codes, zoning laws, what materials were available and what they cost, and how to get utilities to the property.

Made Sure I Understood LTC

Melissa was great. She spent a great deal of time explaining the price and making sure that I understood it.

Nancy E, Arnold, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

What Every Policyholder Can Do to Make Claim Time Easier

Whether you’re a new long term care insurance policyholder (congratulations!), or you’re a family member of a policyholder and you’re anticipating a need for that person’s care, this article can help you get your claim paid quickly and with minimal stress.

Thanks for your expertise

Both Amy and I wish to thank you for your expertise and generosity of time.  I'm certain that we would not have navigated those health care sites alone without making major omissions - but confident instead, thanks to your guidance.

All the best,

Bob C and Amy D, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland

The Mother of All Reasons for Having a Long Term Care Insurance Policy

It’s frequently said that long term care is a women’s issue, and there’s a lot of evidence to support that point of view. Sixty percent of family caregivers (read: unpaid) are female.

Inflation and Long Term Care Insurance

Prospects of higher inflation may strike fear in the hearts of most people. However, long term care insurance policyholders may actually have quite a different reaction. Let me explain:  

Helpful in selecting and explaining complicated information

Baygroup Insurance was very helpful in guiding us through the process in selecting and explaining the complicated information of long term care insurance.

Dave W., Nottingham, Baltimore County, Maryland

An Alphabet Soup of Long Term Care Choices: Are ADUs the New ALFs?

Decades ago, when someone needed long term care, it would often be provided at home. The only other option was to move to a nursing home, which most believed was a choice of last resort.


Baygroup was helpful in our decision making for long term care insurance because Melissa Barnickel was open-minded and comfortable working with a gay couple.  She was a good communicator - always responding to questions on email.  She kept after us while this process stalled for a while over the summer. She offered us alternatives for levels of pay from $2,000 to $7,000 monthly benefits and offered more than one insurance company.

Janice L, Fairfax County, VA


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