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We would like to provide you with as many useful resources as possible to expand your education about Long Term Care, Disability, Life, and Health insurance products.

Read articles from the web, case studies, and FAQs about each type of insurance.  For clarification of insurance terms, visit our glossaryContact us for answers to your questions and to gain a deeper understanding of these products.

Begin the conversation with your family about your preferences, evaluate public and private resources available to provide care.  Maryland Task Force on Long Term Care Education and Planning, which Melissa Barnickel was Chair, developed a Starter Kit.  Although this was developed for Maryland, all the information can be used for other locations.    Please contact us for a copy.

The Task Force considered options to educate and made recommendations regarding education methods that will “ensure that no Maryland resident reaches the age of 50 without having received complete information about the risk of needing long-term care and the private options available to pay for long-term care; and include information about the Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Maryland Medicaid), how the Program is funded, and whom the Program is intended to serve.”  The makeup of the Task Force deliberately includes public and private sector representatives.  To learn more, view the full report.  The appendix has a wealth of information!

We are proud members of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and for more information on Long Term Care Insurance, visit their website where you'll find relevant data and information from a third party.