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Kirk Kinder, CFP Interviews Melissa Barnickel on Long-Term Care Insurance

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The interview addresses questions people have when deciding if they want long-term care insurance:

  • Is long-term care insurance expensive?
  • How do you know if you should buy long-term care insurance? 
  • How do you determine monthly/daily benefit that meets your needs? 
  • Who benefits from a LTCi plan? 
  • Where do you want to have care? At home? In a facility? 
  • Do your family members want to care for you? Are they financially and physically able?
  • Does Medicare pay for any long-term care issues? 
  • What if I have a minor medical condition? Am I still insurable?
  • How can I keep the cost down on a long-term care insurance policy? 

Additionally, there is an explanation of the various riders: shared care, waiver of home health care elimination period, survivorship, etc.  As well as what the tax benefits are for long-term care insurance.