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What inflation rider do I select on a long term care insurance policy?

The carriers have re-priced their products, and offer a variety of options.    

Many of our clients 60 years and under select 3% compound because this will be adequate to keep up with inflation of home care and assisted living based on recent years.  Their other resources can supplement nursing home costs.  Also, 3% is the "sweet-spot in pricing.  

Life Insurance with LTC Rider


  • Health
    • 2 partners in early 70's, both non-smokers
    • One partner is uninsurable for 2 years because of new finding that doctor's don't know IF it will be an issue
    • The other partner is healthy
  • Finances - Cash and home equity line total 100K
  • Preferences  - desires LTC coverage, however linked-benefit is the only option for one partner, the other partner could use traditional or linked-benefit. Read more for the solution.

Long Term Care Insurance Policy Review - Washington, DC

Many thanks for your reply to our email of January 16, in which we asked for your views on our current long term care policy we bought in 2003. We appreciate the time you spent looking at what you have in your records about my wife's policy and the time you spent talking to her on the phone January 10th. It helps us to have a current perspective and makes us feel better about the decision we have to make. We had both been wondering whether we might be over-insured and whether it might be a mistake to accept the price increases without making some adjustments to our coverage. With the information you have given us, we feel that the increases may not be out of line with the realities of the current market and that we would probably be wise to keep what we have, at least for the time being. Your suggestion to my wife in the phone call, to figure the ratio of what we have paid to the value of the benefits we have accrued, was especially helpful to us in arriving at this view.

We bought our policies 11 years ago and are very pleased that your referral source has been willing, after so long a time, to support us in this reassessment of our coverage. We particularly appreciate your timely and helpful advice and would be glad to convey our thanks to others, if that would be useful in anyway. Mr. W. M.

Long Term Care Insurance and Medigap - Sparks, Baltimore County, MD

Melissa Barnickel was recommended to us when we were looking for long term care insurance. She was extremely helpful and explained everything so we could understand and make an informed decision. When we retired it was extremely confusing and upsetting trying to make sense of what to choose for Medicare Part B, prescription and Medicare Supplement Plan F. Melissa met with us and counseled us on the different plans available. Depending on what your health situation is and what prescriptions you take makes a difference on the plan you choose. This year she worked with us again on our prescription renewal. We are grateful for her counsel and feel confident our choices were the best for our situation. Thank you Melissa.

 Mr. & Mrs. T. B.

MD Health Insurers May Offer Early Renewal Option to Extend Plans through 2014

Commissioner Goldsmith clarified MD Law today. Insureds should evaluate their options carefully.  Premium is not the only factor.  The deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums and covered services should be considered with what services you expect to use in 2014. 

Life Insurance with a Long Term Care Rider - North Wilkesboro, NC

Many thanks or all your (Melissa Barnickel) help! You went out of your way to guide me through the long-term care maze - explaining things, answering questions, sending and evaluating materials for me!  Had you not been so thorough and patient, I probably would not have bought insurance.  I would highly recommend you!  Thank you again for all of your time and friendliness.  Mrs. C. H.

Long Term Care Insurance - Laurel, Prince George's County, Maryland

Having very recently watched both of my grandmothers and my father-in-law's health decline to where they all required caregiving at the end of their lives, my husband and I both realized it was time to prepare, as best we could, for our own future health care needs. Melissa Barnickel was tireless, and always helpful and cheerful, in answering our seemingly never ending questions to select a LTC program for us. We are very grateful for her vast knowledge of the business and for her incredible insights. We now feel very well prepared to face that last chapter in lives. Mrs. P. S.

For Advisors

For Advisors - Long Term Care Insurance for your clients

The long term care insurance sales process takes a long time. Let us do this for you!

We partner with Financial Advisors who are busy servicing clients on investments and financial plans, and…

·         Are not current on all insurance products to fully implement the plan, nor interested in doing so.

For Employers

Long Term Care Insurance for your Employees

When your employees face the need for long term care they will encounter significant financial, physical, and emotional stress.

This can negatively impact productivity, increase absences at work and harm your employee’s overall well-being.

For Members of Associations

Are you looking to increase member retention and new members to your Group* or Association?

Add member benefits that will provide additional value without additional cost to your organization or using staff time to implement!

You value your association members. The discounted programs and financial vehicles you have made available to them have helped them provide for their families’ health as well as maintain and grow their wealth. 


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