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Life Insurance with LTC Rider

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  • Health
    • 2 partners in early 70's, both non-smokers
    • One partner is uninsurable for 2 years because of new finding that doctor's don't know IF it will be an issue
    • The other partner is healthy
  • Finances - Cash and home equity line total 100K
  • Preferences  - desires LTC coverage, however linked-benefit is the only option for one partner, the other partner could use traditional or linked-benefit. Read more for the solution.


  • Joint life insurance policy with a LTC Rider.  
  • $100K premium 1st year 
  • Premium on LTC rider is $2,237 a year. This premium will never increase.  This amount is also eligible for tax deductibility based on IRS guidelines.
  • $2,825 a month for LTC, no inflation, benefit period 50 months
  • When that death benefit is used up by either or both partners for long term care expenses ($2,825 * 50 months = $141,250),  then a rider is available for additional long term care expenses.
  • The coverage on the rider is as follows: $2,825 a month, 5% compound inflation for an unlimited benefit period.


  • In the event either or both partners need LTC coverage, they will have ready funds to pay for care.  
  • If neither use all the death benefit ($141,250) in LTC, then the remainder will go to their heirs tax-free.
  • Peace of mind and asset protection were both achieved.

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