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Life Insurance with LTC benefits

Life Insurance with LTC Rider


  • Health
    • 2 partners in early 70's, both non-smokers
    • One partner is uninsurable for 2 years because of new finding that doctor's don't know IF it will be an issue
    • The other partner is healthy
  • Finances - Cash and home equity line total 100K
  • Preferences  - desires LTC coverage, however linked-benefit is the only option for one partner, the other partner could use traditional or linked-benefit. Read more for the solution.

Combination Long Term Care Policies

Combination Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) policies, also known as linked-benefits or hybrid policies, are quickly gaining popularity.  It combines or links long term care benefits with another type of insurance - life insurance plan or an annuity.  It provides a benefit pool to pay for qualified long term care expenses, but if care is not needed, the heirs receive the life insurance death benefit or the cash value from the annuity.

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