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Great problem solving skills; Listens well and helped me meet my goals

What sets Melissa apart from the competition is her ability to listen well.  She has no agenda apart from making sure your needs are met, based on the goals you wish to achieve.  She is thoughtful and kind and has great problem solving skills.  I would recommend Melissa to anyone wishing to investigate and purchase Long Term Care Insurance.

K. M., Middletown, Frederick County, Maryland

Learned a great deal

I am sending this letter in follow up to your efforts to secure long term health insurance for me. I am, of course, disappointed that I could not acquire the benefits that desire but I understand the position of the insurer. I want to thank you and Debby for your continuous efforts to share information with me and to try to catch me for appointments, which if I had followed through sooner, perhaps my success might have had a better chance. All is not lost, as I learned a great deal and hope that if I make any life changes that will impact my chances, I am encouraged to try again.

A.B., Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland

Informative education personalized to my needs

After attending one of Melissa's very informative webinars on long-term care insurance, I made an appointment with her to get more personalized information. During this meeting, she very thoroughly answered the two pages of questions that I had provided beforehand and emailed me additional information that would have been hard to capture in notes. From the patient, cheerful responses that I received during our meeting, I would never have guessed that she was leaving on vacation the next day and was extremely busy. Several days later, I received brochures in the mail that she thought might be useful for other family members. I strongly endorse Melissa and can't imagine finding a more customer-focused or knowledgeable long-term care professional.

T.M., Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Appreciation for Long Term Assistance for our LTCI Policies!

Melissa, Scott and I would like to thank you for your continued interest and assistance regarding our Long Term Care Insurance policies. It is hard to believe that several years have passed since you first briefed us on our options and walked us through the application process. We were fortunate to have found you and so glad that we purchased our policies. Everything we read about financial planning includes a section on the importance of obtaining Long Term Care Insurance. In addition, your advice regarding trends in pricing among competing companies was extremely accurate. We definitely made the right choice. Great Work, Melissa!

S. and J. H., Fairfax County, Fairfax, VA

Professional, knowledgeable and so helpful....

Professional, knowledgeable and so helpful...these are just a few of the outstanding qualities of Melissa Barnickel! A Long Term Care policy and our Medicare Supplemental Health Plan was chosen with Melissa's guidance. Melissa even helps us yearly with checking that our Medicare Drug Plan is most economical for our needs. Make it easy and less Melissa!!!

T. and J. B., Sparks, Maryland in Baltimore County, MD