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What coverage options can be adjusted so my policy suits my budget?

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Long-Term Care insurance has many options and riders that will affect the premium you pay.  It is best to talk to an expert to discuss what benefits are most important to you.  Some of the options that can be selected are as follows:

  • monthly or daily benefit level (how much your policy will pay per day or month when you need it),
  • inflation factor (you can choose from several options, including but not limited to 5% compound, 3% compound or no inflation),
  • benefit period or benefit mulitplier (the length of time that you could collect benefits if you had qualified long-term care expenses for the maximium amount each day or month),  
  • elimination period
  • plans design - individual policy or a shared plan for two spouses/partners
  • survivorship

Premiums are based on your age, health and benefits selected.  You can tailor your policy design to meet your budget and coverage needs.  Baygroup professionals will simplify this and help you decide what you need. Please contact us or call us at 410-557-7907 to discuss policy features and your health eligibility.