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How do I go about researching long term care planning and insurance?

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As with any significant purchase, doing your research and homework is the key to buying a plan that fits your needs now and in the future.  Consider the following:

1.  Where do I want to live as I age? - (At home, assisted living, geographically)

2.  What plan options are important to me? -(Number of years, survivorship for couples, shared benefits for couples, coverage, elimination period, inflation)

3.  What is the financial strength of the carrier? - (The likelihood that they will be in business when I need my policy)

4.  What benefits should I select?-  What makes sense considering your family health history,  personal, career and financial goals?

5.  How does this fit into my budget and my benefit needs?- (Consider the premiums for coverage)

6.  Work with a knowledgeable long term care insurance specialist or financial agent- Check out our history and experience!  We will discuss your health history, budget, and desired benefits and help you select a plan that is a good value for you. Your plan will protect your family, retirement income and your financial commitments to your surviving family members.

7.  Diversity of the carriers and policies offered by the brokerage- This can eliminate a lot of leg-work if you choose a brokerage with a selection of desirable carriers.  Baygroup is current on industry changes and offerings, with a wide selection of desirable insurance carriers.