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Outstanding service and support!

My husband and I are so grateful to Melissa for making an onerous set of confusing decisions so much easier to make. She is very patient and knowledgably answered all our many questions - her assistance was invaluable. We could not have made these decisions without her clear explanations, roadmaps for comparing plans, and individualized review of our needs, all with her lovely and friendly manner. She is just awesome and so pleasant to work with! We received truly exemplary service – many, many thanks, Melissa!

Linda S, Takoma Park, Montgomery County, Maryland

Thanks for your expertise

Both Amy and I wish to thank you for your expertise and generosity of time.  I'm certain that we would not have navigated those health care sites alone without making major omissions - but confident instead, thanks to your guidance.

All the best,

Bob C and Amy D, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland

Indispensable Navigating Medicare Options

I would not have expected what a huge help Melissa's work proved to be. How difficult could it be to enroll in Medicare?
But I was wrong. She became indispensable in navigating the myriad of unfamiliar details we faced.

Tom B., Anne Arundel County, Maryland

How to Make the Very Difficult Easier

Woman having difficulty on the phoneThere’s a reason why most purchasers of long term care insurance are individuals who’ve gone through a caregiving experience.

Wonderful guidance on Medigap and Rx

Thanks, again, for your wonderful guidance on Rx and Medigap. I really enjoyed our session yesterday and appreciate knowing I have a Medicare expert on my team.  I messaged Kim, with my financial planning firm, this morning and told her you are number one and to send all MC clients to you!!!

The Expense of It: What Long Term Care Costs

When considering the purchase of long term care insurance, it’s only natural to focus on the cost of the coverage. But let’s redirect our gaze to the cost that is truly important: the possible cost of not being insured.

Blurring Lines: Medicare Advantage and Long Term Care

Medicare has always been very clear about the fact that it does not cover the vast majority of long term care.

Appreciate guidance and advice

Dear Melissa,

Well here it is, the long overdue thank you note! 

It was such a pleasure to meet you, especially at the beautiful location of your lovely home. My husband and I appreicate your guidance and advice as we go into this complicated next stage of our life.

Again, I want to congratulate you on the birth of your newest grand baby!


C. M., Darlington, Harford County, Maryland

Answers To The Most Important Questions About Alzheimer’s

Written By: Anna Kucirkova

Edited By: Cori Hundt

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are an ever growing concern for the aging, caregivers, and those in the medical profession. The disease causes pain and agony for the sufferer and can be equally as distressing for those who see their loved one lose their memory and ability to function.

Could not have done it without you!

Our financial planner referred us to you to evaluate insurance now that I am retiring.  Choice between COBRA or individual health insurance for my health insurance, dental and vision for both of us.  My wife is already on


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