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Inflation and Long Term Care Insurance

Prospects of higher inflation may strike fear in the hearts of most people. However, long term care insurance policyholders may actually have quite a different reaction. Let me explain:  

Wage Inflation and Long Term Care Planning

Today’s long term care insurance buyers have enjoyed a sustained multi-year period of low inflation. I say "enjoyed" because today’s buyers are normally pre-retirement, and therefore value low mortgage and interest rates more than their retired counterparts.

Shared Policy for spouses - Pre-planning for LTC


Attorney and his wife, both aged 50, in good health, concerned about prospective costs of long-term care in their 80's or 90's.  Also concerned that if something were to happen earlier, especially during working years that their disability coverage would not provide enough funds to pay for their lifestyle and for the cost of care.  A portion of their premium is deductible.

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