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Is This the Month to Apply for Long Term Care Insurance?

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Quick— what’s November? No, the answer I’m looking for isn’t, “it’s the month we celebrate Thanksgiving,” but rather, “It’s National Long Term Care Awareness Month!”

Although long term care insurance specialists, and the insurers whose products they place, will be happy to tell you about the importance of this special month, the biggest boosters of long term care awareness are probably the people, and the families, experiencing a need for care right now.

Clearly, if the goal is to plan for care and fund future long term care needs, step one is being aware that funds are needed! However, a shocking percentage of Americans think long term care will be covered like other health care problems— believing that Medicare will pay the bill (it won’t).

Once the reality that Medicare doesn’t cover most long term care has set in, it’s time to become aware of the cost of such care. I’ve reported that cost in previous articles; if you’d like to learn more, just reach out and I’ll be happy to send you detailed cost info. 

Now, imagine for a moment how your monthly budget will look with the cost of long term care added. Would such an amount be covered by your income, or, would you have to possibly reach into capital that you have earmarked for other things—the grandkids’ college, living expenses for the surviving spouse, etc?

Back to awareness. It’s a tricky thing. It’s no longer as easy to ignore what you’ve become aware of. It’s almost as if awareness asks the question, “Now that you know, whatcha gonna do about it?”

So, November’s National Long-Term Care Awareness Month might be more accurately named, “National Take Long-Term Care Funding Seriously and Stop Avoiding Planning Month.” Ouch!

If you haven’t yet bought long term care insurance, other months are lurking to remind you of this shortcoming. There’s September, which is World Alzheimer's Month. Then, October is Parkinson’s Walk Off Month (a fundraiser), while April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. May brings ALS Awareness Month, as well as National Stroke Awareness Month.

Have you noticed that all of these months are dedicated to diseases that will likely require extended long term care, while there’s only one month where the care itself is highlighted? Consider: does it really matter what causes a need for care? If you need care, you need it.

Here’s an idea:

In this year of Covid-19, holiday get-togethers are being pared down like never before. After the Thanksgiving feast, will you be rushing to the big box store to grab doorbuster sales on Black Friday? Less likely than ever.  So why not use the time and energy you’re saving to do something your family will appreciate more than they know: talk with a long term care specialist about coverage. Even better, apply.

Then, whatever else the future holds, you’ll be able to reminisce about 2020 and your silver lining to the Covid-19 cloud: it was the year that you finally got long term care insurance in place.  

After all, if not now, when?

Should you or anyone you know have questions about long term care planning, long term care insurance policies, or financial planning, please do not hesitate to reach out. Baygroup Insurance can be contacted at or call us at 410-557-7907 for more information.