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Melissa Barnickel - Women of Influence - I95 Business Magazine - Baltimore

Melissa Barnickel was interviewed by I95 Business for Women of Influence.

Read more to learn about Melissa's personal and professional background and how she helps clients and their trusted advisors to preserve their hard-earned assets by incorporating insurance with their financial plan.  

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By: Linda Esterson


Medigap, Health and Long Term Care Insurance - Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland

I have known Melissa Barnickel for ten years and early on saw the depth of her knowledge on Long Term Care Insurance. This set her apart from others who I met that handled insurance including long term care insurance. When I introduced her to my husband, he was very impressed, particularly important since he was not immediately enthusiastic about this decision. We now know that it was an excellent move for our financial well-being. Our attorney and financial advisor both know her and have the same high regard for Melissa.

Last year when we retired, we had read much about health insurance and supplemental insurance. She spent a great deal of time going through it with both of us, providing all the options for us to make the right decisions. Retiring was wonderful, however, there were so many unanswered questions and financial concerns that arose. She was of great help to us both. I would recommend her to anyone and know others who would do the same.   -  Mr. & Mrs. T. R.

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