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Plan to Educate all Marylanders by age 50 on the need to Plan for Long Term Care

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Melissa Barnickel was appointed to the Task Force on Long Term Care Education and Planning by Governor Larry Hogan and was subsequently elected chair by the other Task Force members. The committee's final report was submitted in October 2018. The purpose of the Task Force was to consider options to educate and make recommendations regarding education methods that will, "ensure that no Maryland resident reaches the age of 50 without having received complete information about the risk of needing long-term care and the private options available to pay for long-term care; and include information about the Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Maryland Medicaid), how the Program is funded, and whom the Program is intended to serve." 

 The Task Force provided 10 recommendations to create a sound foundation of vital education regarding LTC for the residents of Maryland using established infrastructure, cost effective techniques, and relatively short implementation timelines. One such recommendation is a starter kit on Long Term Care Education and Planning for people to begin a conversation with their family about their preferences, evaluate resources available to them to pay for their care.  See pages 69-78 of the report for the PLAN NOW Starter Kit.