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CLAIMS - Plan Ahead and let your family know about your policy

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CLAIMS  Plan Ahead and Let Your Family Know about your Policy

If you need to use your policy, you probably will not be the person who initiates the claim. It likely will be a family member or advisor. What you need to do in advance is to make certain that you have completed powers of attorney and health care directives so the person who will be making decisions on your behalf have the authority in the eyes of the insurance company to make decisions for you. It is best if you are able to let your family, those who will be making decisions for you when you require care, what you would like to happen. By planning ahead you increase the control you will have during unexpected health events.

It is important to communicate with family members in advance.  Let them to know who to contact, what your wishes are in the event you need help.  Your children may be brilliant, successful, and caring but they are not mind readers.  By having a discussion, by expressing your wishes in writing you make it so much easier for them to help you.