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Do You Have a Long Term Care Plan?

Do you have a plan for your long-term care when you become a senior? When the time comes and it finally becomes harder for you to perform daily activities on your own, it is important to know what you want to do. Will you move in with children or other relatives? Hire a caregiver to come to your home? Move to an assisted living facility? Go it alone for as long as possible? Whatever your decision it is important to understand the full physical, financial, and emotional impact on yourself and your loved ones.

Melissa Barnickel - Women of Influence - I95 Business Magazine - Baltimore

Melissa Barnickel was interviewed by I95 Business for Women of Influence.

Read more to learn about Melissa's personal and professional background and how she helps clients and their trusted advisors to preserve their hard-earned assets by incorporating insurance with their financial plan.  

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The Emotional and Physical Impact of Care on Caregivers’ Health

It is estimated that 44 million people eighteen years of age and older in the United States provide unpaid assistance to adults who are aging or have disabilities. The value of this unpaid group is almost double that of both the nursing home ($115 billion) and home health care industries ($43 billion), coming in at $306 billion annually. While this shows a remarkable amount of care for one’s family and community, evidence shows that most caregivers do not have the necessary support they need and are not prepared for what is required of them.

The Changing Trends of Long-Term Care

When people imagine long term care they often envision the elderly being cared for in nursing homes. However, research indicates that more often than not the reality of long term care does not actually reflect this image. In fact, there are several trends that are currently changing the face of long term care in America.

Long Term Care Insurance - Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland

Melissa Barnickel has been a great help to us.  

A few years ago, we began to contemplate purchasing long term care insurance. An estate attorney and a financial counselor confirmed the idea.  

Though experienced researchers, we found that the long term care insurance field is not easy to navigate. You can't easily learn what you want to know. Competing companies describe their products differently. The terminology proves difficult. Lacking long experience with different plans, it's hard to understand what plans best satisfy which feelings and needs. The attorney and the counselor both understood that for themselves, and both recommended Melissa Barnickel, CPA, CLTC.

When she first visited, Melissa spent an hour or two with us, mostly educating. When she left, we understood things far better. But we now had to make some decisions, and Melissa did nothing to make us feel rushed to do so. In fact, it was months later, and after some hard work for us on Melissa's part, that we finally committed to an insurance program. Largely because of Melissa's efforts, we are confident that our insurance is right for us.  Sooner or later everyone has to call on a professional with expertise, a plumber or electrician, a doctor or lawyer. Melissa provided the insurance expertise we needed and for which we are grateful.  - Dr. and Mrs. F. H

Long Term Care Insurance - Harford County, Maryland

Harford County, Maryland resident discusses why she wanted to get long term care insurance; how she selected her insurance broker, Melissa Barnickel, CPA, CLTC, with Baygroup Insurance and how comfortable she was with her decision to buy a long term care insurance policy after the education she received from Melissa. - Mrs. A. H.

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