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How can I afford the cost of long term care insurance?

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The more pertinent question is can I afford not to have long term care insurance (LTCi)? 

We purchase life insurance, car insurance, and health insurance and hope we never need to file a claim, but we own these policies because we think "what if we do need to file a claim?"  The impact of not having these insurances can be devastating to a families financial health and well being.  

Consider this questions:  What is the impact on my family if I get sick and need long-term care? Remember you don't have to be old to go on claim.  A devastating accident or disease may take a patient months or even years to heal and the financial and physical burdens it places on ones family can be huge.  This type of insurance may be the difference between your family staying in their home and loosing their home.  Also consider that the average cost of a home health aid is between $18-$25 per hour.  Nursing home and rehab facilities bill out anywhere between $200-$400 per day.  There will even be physical and emotional costs for those that are lucky enough to stay in their home or with family members- not to mention lost income for loved ones that take time from their career to care for you.  

LTCi is customized insurance.  A policy that fits your budget and care level needs is better than no policy at all.  When faced with the staggering cost of long term health care, a LTCi policy is a great defense to protect your family and your assets.