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Are combination long term care insurance products medically underwritten?

Yes.  As with traditional long term care insurance (LTCi) products, combination LTCi products are medically underwritten.  This means that your health status will affect your rating for these products.  You will want to apply for a combination product at an age when you are in good health!

What is the cost of a long term care combination insurance product?

Many long term care combination insurance products require a single premium payment.  This means that you would pay the bulk sum at the beginning of your policy, rather than writing monthly or annual checks.  Combination long term care products can range in prince, anywhere from around $25,000 to over $200,000.

Who is a good candidate for a combination long term care insurance product?

Many of these combination products require a single premium payment, rather than many monthly payments or annual payments.  Some people purchase these products because there is a one-time payment and no chance of a future rate increase.  If you have a chunk of money that you are able to put toward a single premium payment you might consider a combination product, if you also need life insurance.  It would not be a good idea to purchase a combination product if you already have enough life insurance or if you do not have a need for it.

Why would I want a long term care and life insurance combination policy?

No matter what happens you will receive money from the policy.  The policy will either pay for long term care expenses, pay your estate or beneficiaries a death benefit, or you can have your premium payment refunded at any time.

Combination Long Term Care Policies

Combination Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) policies, also known as linked-benefits or hybrid policies, are quickly gaining popularity.  It combines or links long term care benefits with another type of insurance - life insurance plan or an annuity.  It provides a benefit pool to pay for qualified long term care expenses, but if care is not needed, the heirs receive the life insurance death benefit or the cash value from the annuity.

You Can Cover Long Term Care with 'Combo' Products

Terry Savage discusses asset-based Long Term Care insurance  in this article.  While supporting the need for long term care insurance, Savage acknowledges that the product may seem too pricey for some consumers.  This article discusses Combination long term care insurance/life insurance products in this article. These products are gaining popularity for many reasons. 

Who needs life insurance?

For life insurance, your level of need will depend on your responsibilities and your age.  If you have people who depend on your income you need life insurance.  The benefit can help your dependents pay ongoing expenses such as: housing and food, outstanding bills, education, or other day-to-day expenses.  

The primary income earner would also benefit from life insurance on the stay-at-home spouse who cares for children.  Life insurance could provide the money to pay for childcare.

Do I ever need to review my policy after I purchase it?

It is a great idea to review your policy regularly (every couple of years).  As your life changes, you want to make sure that your policy continues to meet your needs.  Some life events that may change your life insurance needs include marriage or divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren, purchasing a new home, starting a business, and retirement.

How much does life insurance cost?

Your health rating and the type of policy that you choose will affect the premium amount that you pay.  Contact us and we will take some quick information from you then provide you with quotes for life insurance from different carriers.


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